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1. recording of the presentation

(Watch this 30 min video to understand the  My World Project)

2. My world Shopping community

(Watch this video about Shopping and Shopping Benefits)

3. lyconet marketer 

(Basic info about Lyconet Marketers)

4. lyconet compensation 

(Lyconet Marketers compensation)

5. my world share program 

(Company shares reserved for Lyconet Marketers)

6. benefit vouchers

(How to purchase and how to redeem Benefit Vouchers)

online presentations


Every Monday at  8 PM EST
LINK for presentation:

My World Customer service

If you have any requests for official support you can always contact
My World Office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

For issues related to Shopping send an email to : 
For any issues related to Lyconet Marketer send an email to:
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