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Below is some information on our simple two-step process for obtaining up to $500,000 in unsecured funding in as little as 6 months with less than perfect credit. The program includes a minimum of $25,000 and up to $150,000 in credit-based unsecured bank lines of credit, which can be available in less than two weeks if you meet the requirements below. In addition, the program includes up to $350,000 in cash flow-based business funding that will be available after 4 months of achieving $30,000+ in online business revenue, which the advertiser we assign you to will generate for you. See details below.

Step 1:  Within 90 days of enrollment you will have multiple high-performance websites offering the hottest products being sold online and generating over $30,000 per month in verifiable business cash flow, which is deposited directly into your business bank account. You will profit-share with the advertiser and earn $750 per month in monthly cash flow you can spend any way you want.

Step 2:  With the above online business and cash flow, as soon as you and your business meet the requirements in #7 below we will connect you with our network of online lenders who will assist you in obtaining up to $350,000 in cash flow-based business funding.

Below is some detailed information about how this program works and how it more than pays for itself. The program will give you access to up to $500,000 in unsecured lines of credit in as little as 6 months. 

Business in a Box with Funding

1.  Business in a Box with Funding includes:
     2.  A high-performance website selling some of the hottest health and beauty products online
     3.  All set up costs and monthly hosting
     4.  $30,000+ in merchant processing volume* 
     5.  We will match your processing volume with media funding to cover the advertising costs.
     6.  Minimum of $25,000 and up to $150,000 in credit-based unsecured bank lines of credit. Requirements:
               a.     Personal Guarantee.
               b.    Personal credit scores 680+
               c.   Must have at least one 6 months or older credit card with a minimum $1,000 credit limit.
               d.    Credit card utilization of 40% or less.
               e.    Late payments less than 2 years old need to be removed**
               f.     Credit counseling management history needs to be removed**
               g.    Unpaid collections or charge-off history needs to be removed**
               h.    Bankruptcy, liens or judgments need to be removed**
               i.    Max of 3 inquiries per bureau less than 6 months old**
*  Merchant processing accounts require a minimum of 650 credit score.
** We offer solutions for getting negative items removed from your credit report and boosting credit scores up to 100 points.

      7.  Up to $350,000 in cash flow-based unsecured business funding. Requirements:
               a.     Personal Guarantee.
               b.    Personal credit scores 680+
               c.   Minimum of $30,000+ in online cash flow for 3 months
               d.    D&B Paydex score of 80+ and Good Standing with Experian/Equifax business credit**
               e.    No bankruptcy, unpaid tax liens or judgments.
               f.   No negative items reporting on personal credit
* We provide the cash flow
** Program included do-it-yourself business credit builder

To get a copy of your full credit report for $1.00 please go to


The above package is 100% turnkey and includes setting up a new Corp or LLC, all advertising, warehousing, shipping of products and customer service.

Price: $995 enrollment and $200 monthly maintenance fee to be deducted from the $750 per month in profit sharing.

Through our business partners and programs, our goal is to help you earn over $1,000 per month in residual income within the next 2 months. For more information please visit our website:

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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