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What is the Leads Program?

Our team is purchasing High Quality leads from people in the US who have searched for home Based Business/Oportunities, through the last 30 days. We are purchasing leads from one of the largest companies in the US who sells customer data. We receive name, address, Email and Phone number. You can particiapte in 2 ways: - The first way, which is included, is the E-Mail campaign. We send out an email every 3 days . It is always a different one. We do this 5 times, so the campaign is over in 15 days. In each of these emails people can register directly under you with your registration link. - We also offer as an additional option to send out Text messages. If you wish you can also participate in Text blasts that are also send out 5 times, one tect every 3 days. The text also includes information about the business, link to zoom, and your registration link.

How much does a lead cost and how to pay for it?

Price of leads: We have negotiated a deal with the company that is selling these high quality leads. The regular price is $0.23 per lead. But we got a price down to $0.14 per lead. The minimum that you can purchase is 1000 leads for $140. Price of E-mail blast: Free of charge. Matt pays all the costs. Includes 5 email campaigns through a period of 15 days Includes all the reports Price of Text Messaging: The price is $0,06 per lead. That is $60 for every 1,000 leads. Includes 5 text campaigns through the period of 15 days. Includes all the reports. How to pay: If you decide to do only email, pay $140 for each 1,000 leads. If you want to include also the text campaign, pay $200 for each 1,000 leads. Payment methods: ZELLE : account phone number: 646 662 7303 PAYPALL: account emial: CASH APP: Account phone 646 662 7303 VENMO: Matjaz Ferk

What to expect?

This is impossible to predict. Emails: The industry average is that about 90% of emails get delivered, about 4% get opened and about 0.4% results in registration. Text: The industry average is that about 90% of texts get delivered, about 9% get opened and about 0.7% results in registration.
But the calcualtion is simple. If 1 Person becomes a marketer, that is 1/3 of what you need to be succesful. So sooner or later if you will go through enough leads you should build enough legs to build your entire business. Maybe you will have your first 3 legs already with just 1,000 leads or maybe you will need to go through 100,000 leads to build 3 legs.