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The best way to register people is by sending them them your perosna link that you can fidn on the home page of your personal training platform. Under section 2. This link is 100% unique to you. And the prospect can just watch an 11 minute profesionl presentation, he can click there to register directly under you and he has the schedule for our zoom calls with link and he has alos all your contact information.


- Open up your MW app. - Click on the small silhouette on the bottom of your APP. - scroll down and click recommend for free - Now the person can just scan the QR code if he is with you or you can click SHARE and send that person the link via text, email or social media .


- Login to your lyconet backoffice on - On the top right corner is a small shiluethe with a +. - Click on it and click on tell a friend about MyWorld. - Then copy your registration link and send it to him as you wish, or enter your friend's email and send him an email Now just copy the link and sedn it , or eneter his email and click invite.


- Go to - Click register for free - Click Register with Existing profile - Login with your username and Password for CB app - Follow the steps. The last step will offer to order the first small Benefit voucher



Benefit Vouchers are down payments towards your future shopping on BENEFIT STORE. You can spend the entire money that you paid for a Benefit Voucher on your shopping. We offer a Small Benefit Voucher (SBV) which costs $149.00 each. You can create a Monthly Recuring order of a maximum of 3 SBV. We aso offer a Big Benefit Voucher (BBV) which costs $1,499.00 each. You can order the maximum amount of 15 BBV in months when they are available. The BBV are not always available. Only in sepcial months. With every order of a Benefit Voucher, you will receive free incentives, depending on which BV you order: - Shopping poins for your Career Level - Company Private share ( ownership shares) - Cloud Shares ( Company profit Shares)


You can order them on your Marketer Backoffice ( 1) Click on Business 2) Click on Benefit Voucher 3) Choose a Small BV for a monthly order or Big BV for a one time order 4) Follow the steps and pay with your Credit Card.


- Go to your - Log in - Click on the top on BENFIT STORE - There you will find many options to redem BV.



Everytime you order Benefit Voucher you receive Msp. and 50% of tthe MSp create CLOUD SHARES. Cloud shares will start paying additional Shopping Points for your Career Level every month of your live and generations to come. The monthly distribution of SP will start end of 2024. It is extremly important that Marketers in your Network have as much of this shares as possible , because all the Shopping Points will count for your career level. Exsample: You have collected 10,000 Shares before the program ends in 8/2023. And your entire network has also 600,000 shares. If each shares pays only 1 SP per year, that would be 510,000 SP per year, or 50,833 SP per month whithc would already place you into career level 5 with residual income around $6,000 per month. For every Small Benefit Voucher you will receive 100 Msp whitch 50% of that so 50 Msp will create 50 Cloud Sahres. For every order of Large Benefit Voucher you will receveive 1000 Msp whithc 50% of them will create 500 Privatr Sahres. Zyou can get up to 3x more Msp based on when you have stated your first order.


For every BV order you receive Msp. And 50% of this Msp create fot you Private shares. You will be able texchange Private shares t for real company onwership shares the moment when the company will be public. This is expected to happen somewhere around 8/2023. For every Small Benefit Voucher you will order you will receive 100 Msp and 505 of them so 50 Msp will create for you 50 Private Shares as a gift.
For every order of Large Benefit Voucher will create 500 Private shares as a gift. You will only be able to exchange the Private Shares for real compant owner shares if you have redeemed your beneift voucher.


Depending when you start with your first BV orded it depends how many shares you will receive. Exsample: If you start with your order in 2/2021 you will receive 3 Times more shares every month till you have an active monthly order of BV. $149 Benefit Voucher would normaly give you 50 Cloud Shares and 50 Private Shares but now you will receive 150 Cloud Shares and 150 Private Shares. You will receive the same every month till the program ends. This will be 8/2023. If you woud do the order in 7/2021 your factor would be 2.5. So you would receive 125 Cloud shares and 125 Private shares. If you would cancel the order and start the order again your factor will be reduced to the factor of that month. If you order Big Benefit Vouchers the factor is always based on the month when you roder. So if yo order 1 Big Benefit Voucher in 2/2020 you would receive 3 times the shares (1,500 of each.) If you do the asem in 7/2021 you would receive 2.5 times the shares (1,250 of each)


As you understad you will reveicve for every order of BV 50% Cloud Shares and 50% Private shares that you will exchange for the real Stockmarket owner shares. To be able to exchange the Private shares for Stockmarket shares and to be able to get paid from Cloud shares you need to redeem your Benefit Vouchers. Exsample: Let's assume that you will purchase in total $3,000 of BV. For that you received the sahres. Now you have 30 months time to spend this $3,000 of BV for shopping. If you woudl spend only 10% ($300 of BV) that means that you would be able to exchange only 10% of the Private shares and you would only get paid on 10% of your Cloud shares. So your goal is to spend all this BV for shopping in the next 30 months. You can see this in your backoffice under MSP section:


Basic Compensation plan. How to build your career.

To succesfuly build your career levels you need to build your network on a minimum of 3 legs. Watch a video here to understand the basic requirements and benefits on how to build your career level:

What kind Commissions exist in the compensation plan?

1) CASH BACK (receive cashback on every purchase, between 1-30%) 2) SHOPPING POINTS FOR SHOPPING POINT DEALS (On average, for every $50 of purchases you will receive 1 SP, and you can redeem it on average for a $10 discount on shopping point deals) 3) MARKETING BONUS Receive up to 1% commission on every purchase of all the shoppers registered between you and next marketer.
That means that if oyu regiaster a Shopper ( not marketer) you will recevie up to 1% commission on every of his purchases. And if he register a shopper you will receive ut to1% also on his purchases and this will go all levels deep till the next marketer is registered. 4) CAREER BONUS (The more shopping points that are created every month in your shopping community , the higher career level you become, and the higher is your Career bonus) You will receive the career bonus paid out into your bank account the second Thursday of the month. The amount of the career bonus will depend on how many shopping points you have collected that month, and which career level you have reached . CL 1 = $75 CL 2 = $300 CL 3 = $750 CL 4 = $1,800 CL 5 = $4,500 CL 6 = $12,000 CL 7 = $30,000 CL 8 = $75,000 5) CAREER COMMISSION For each shopping point created in your network you will receive an additional payout. If you are Career level 1, 2 or 3, this payout will be in the form of Shopping Points for your Balance program. If you are Career Level 4 and up this will be cash together with your Career bonus. The value of the points depends on your career level. Please watch the video about CAREER COMMISSION. 6) MERCHANT MARKETER COMMISSION You will earn cash commission and SP for registering Businesses.
All the information is available on the Merchant marketer section on this webiste. 7) INTERNATIONAL BONUS When you reach Career Level 7 or higher, you will start receiving a monthly Cash bonus from the company profits.

Where can I download the entire compensation plan ?

Go to your Lyconet backoffice - Click on your profile picture on the top right corner - Click on Downloads - Click on Lyconet - Find comp plan and download it.

Where can I learn about the Career Commission ?

Watch this video:

How many legs do I need to build for my Career ?

You need a minimum of 3 Legs, but we suggest you build as many legs as you can. It depends on the career level, but on average you can have 60% of your points from your strong leg and the other 40% split between a minimum of 2 other legs. It is better if you have more legs because you can split that 40% of the points through as many legs as you wish. Watch the Basic compensation plan video to understand the details. Here are some examples: For you to reach Career level 1 you need a total of 600 SP. The maximum you can take from your strong leg is 400 SP, so the other 200 you need to take from other legs. The maximum you can take from each of them is 100 SP. That means that you need to build your business on a minimum of 3 legs. Here is an example for Career level 5: You need in total 50,000 SP, but you can only take up to 30,000 of them from your strong leg, the other 20,000 need to be split in a way that you take a maximum of 10,000 from each leg.


How to use Lyconet APP

- Download the Lyconet APP on your phone. - To be able to use it you need to have an order of a Small benefit voucher. Watch the video here with all the features:


I do not see a member that i have registered in my Backoffice?

This happens when you send a registration link to a member and they go and register directly on the webiste or on the app without using your link. To resolve this you need to fill out this Data Sheet: And send it together with a photo of your Drivers licnese and a photo fo his drivers license to emial US@LYCONET.COM and CC to EMAIL SCRIPT: My name is .................. My Lycoent ID is..................... I have invited my friend ..................... to becoem Cashback member and have send him my registration link. But he has registered by mistale directly on the app without a refferal. In attacment you can find the DATA SHEET and the copies fo his and my Drivers license. Please add me as his refferal.

I forgot my Username or Password. What to do?

RETRIEVE USERNAME OR PASSWORD THROUGH EMAIL OR TEXT: - Go to - Click Login - Click Forgot password or forgot Username - Choose if you would like to retrieve it through email or phone number. Please remember that if you want to retrieve it through Pnone number you need to enter the entire cell phone number starting with country code. The country code for US is 001. - Follow the steps. I DID NOT RECEIVE TEXT OR EMAIL, WHAT DO I DO? If you did not receive the email or Text with your Username or Password then you need to contact the customer support through email. Send an email from the same email account that you are using for Cashback. Send it to US@LYCONET.COM EMAIL SCRIPT: My name is ....................... My Lyconet ID is 001.000............. I have forgotten my Username and Password and was trying to retreive it through the automatic system but I did not receive an email or text with it. Please send my Username and Password to me on my Email.

I do not have a PIN. How to get one?

What is a PIN? You will need a PIN code which is a 4 digit security code if you want to pay anything with your benfit voucher, on any money that you have on the accounts. You will not need a PIN to purchase things with your credit or Debit card. How to receive a PIN? - click on the picture on the top right corner - Click Settings - Scroll down and you will see "send PIN" button. You can also find a button to receive PIN under the window where pin is requested when you are making your purchase. What to do if you did not receive the PIN with a text after you have requested it: Send an email from the same email account that you are using for Cashback. Send the email to US@LYCONET.COM EMAIL SCRIPT: My name is ....................... My Lyconet ID is 001.000............. I was trying to receive my PIN CODE through the automatic system but I did not receive it in a text. Please send the PIN to me on my Email.


Where do i add my bank account?

- Login to your Lyconet backoffice - Click on settigns - Click on Payment Details - Enter Account, routing and name on the account. IBAN and BIC live empty. - Click Save

Do i need to provide SSN or TAX ID to get paid?

YES! The first $600 you will receive without providing a W9 form. After that you will not get paid and the money will collect on your Backoffice till you do not provide a W9 form Download the W9 form here. - Add first and last name - Address - Choose sole propreitor - Enter you SSN ot TAX id - Add date - Sign Send with email to US@LYCONET.COM EMAIL SCRIPT: My name is ......................... And my Lyconet ID is: 001.000................ In attacment you can find my W9 form. Please apply it to my account and relesie may payments.

When do i get paid?

1) Career Commissions: The career commisions will be paid into your bank accoount the Second Thursday of the Month. That is one week after the end of production month. You should have tne money in your bank account on Friday. 2) Bllance commissions: Banace commissons ara paid every week on Thursday. 3) Merchant Marketer Commissions: Are paid together with the Career commision on the second thursday of the month for all the merchans that oyu have registered in previous month. 4) Cashback Cashback is paid every thursday . the minimum payment is $10, so if oyu did not collect $10 from casback it will accumulate till there is $10 and will be paid next thursday.

Where can i see my Earnings?

- On your locone backoffice click on the picture on the top right corner - Click my Benefits. - There you can see your commisions and can also download detailed reports.

Do i need to pay tax on my income?

Yes you are responsable to pay Tax. - In your backoffce click on Picture on the top right corner - Click on My Benefits - Click on Annual report and download it.

What to do if i do not have SSN or TAX number?

Open up an LLC and enter the LLC name and TAX id into your backoffice and the W9.


Activate your Business + Pack

Go to the Benefit store and purchase the Business + Pack. The cost is $74/Month but you pay for it with your Benefit Vouchers. This tool is amazing because it activates BIZ 2.0 and My Site

With Business + you will have acces to BIZ 2.0. What is BIZ 2.0?

BIZ 2.0 is your Customer relationship management tool, where you can see every detail for every member in your entire organization. You will receive this tool when you pruchase your Business + Pack in the benefit store.

With Business + you will have acces to My Site. What is My Site?

MySite is your personal registration link to send to people. It is much better than just the regular registration link because it has a 4 minute video, your personal contact information, your picture, and it is in many languages. Here is an example of how My Site looks

Actvate your Marketing + Pack

Marketing + Pack is a tool that you can purchase and pay 100% with your benefit vouchers on your Beneift store. This tool gives you acces to Webinar World. These are webinars in over 50 languages that you can share with prospects. You choose the webinar and send them a link. They can watch the webinar and register after the webinar directly under you. A perfect tool to grow your business with sharing the link on social media.


How to do a change of referal process for existing CashBack members

If someone is registered as a free CashBack member, he can change the referal only if he had no activity in the last 12 months. No shopping, no registration or anything else. To do that: - Register into the Cashback backoffice of that member - Click on the picture on the top right corner - Click on Setings - Scroll down and there you will see who is his referal, and there will be a button "change my referal". The button will be there only if he have not used the app for the last 12 months. Then, enter your Lyconet ID and your email. You will receive an email in the next 20 minutes saying that you need to click and confirm that you are expecting this member as your new direct member.

How to do a change of referal process for existing Lyconet marketers

Requierements: - The marketer cannot have had any activity in the last 12 months, not even shopping. - The direct and indirect referals for the marketer need to agree that he can be moved - The marketer needs to fund his account with $54 and you as the new referal need to have $54 in your account for processing fees. - You need to fill out this form, and send it together with photos of all 4 driver licenses ( member , you as the new referal, previous direct referal, previous indirect referal) to US@LYCONET.COM and please CC


How can i join to the team Whats App Group?

Download the Wahts App to your Phone.
Click on this link tyo join the group:

How can i join to team Facebook Group?

Click on this link and request to join the group:

How to contact the team administrator?

Send an emial to:



We strongly suggested you order 3 Small Benefit Vouchers when you start. With that you have already: - 300 SP for career every month - Company Shares every month Order also as many Big Benefit Vouchers as you can afford. With that you get more points and more Company Shares.


This is your business, so act like a business owner and be on every presentation and workshop.


What to do after you had a person on the presentation: - Call him/her and make sure they know that they can learn details on - Get a decision from them in the first 48 Hours. - If they decided to become a Marketer, make sure that they order their training platform on this link: - Make sure that they learn about the leads program - Make sure that they join presentations and Marketer trainings.